Workshop on 28/01/2020: CCTV cameras and control systems

In this much anticipated workshop we had one of our regular LUG members Darren go over a topic he knows both professionally and personally, CCTV systems.

The emphasis was on getting the most out of inexpensive hardware and using both in a secure way (especially due to possibility of malware being in the firmware) and intelligent way by pairing it with useful control software.

Also Wi-Fi was covered somewhat as you may be forced to use it for more remote locations you wish to have CCTV. This was in additional to general infrastructure talk when it came to things like switches, point to (multi) point links and Power over Ethernet (Poe).

For anyone interested in using Darren for his professional services, just drop a message on the mailing list and he’ll get in touch directly.

For anyone interested in the slides they are below. Simply extract the ZIP file and you should get a folder with a HTML file you can open (created using remark).

Also a big thanks for some of the guys who popped over from Shropshire LUG, it was great to see people mixing from the other areas. Hopefully a bunch of us will be able to pop by at one of your workshops soon.

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