Who we are

The Staffordshire Linux User Group is made up of people who share, learn and socialise with others that have a passion for free and open source operating systems, associated software, privacy and much more…

This predominantly means a lot of Linux users! However users of other systems are most welcome, as well as those who just have a curiosity about the free and open source movement. Many of us meet locally and it might be that you just want to hang out with like minded people, or possibly just chat with us online if you’re not local.

If you have any questions you’ll likely find them answered on our FAQ page. For anything we’ve not covered just contact us directly so we can improve it!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Getting involved

We have traditional mailing lists which additionally can be accessed by newsgroups and web forums. You can also chat with us via our IRC channel which can also be accessed via XMPP and Discord.

Please also take a look at our events page for details on when we meet up.