Trip: OggCamp (2019)

So a bunch of us at StaffsLUG went to OggCamp this year on Saturday 19th October 2019.

Plenty of talks to see, some of them on the “Main Track” (i.e. scheduled in advance and in the main room) and some of them scheduled as the day went on via a system of post-it notes and suggestions/offers of topics.

Managed to chat with a couple of people from Free Software Foundation Europe and also the Open Rights Group. Got some free stuff like leaflets and stickers from them for the LUG. Also making the rounds were a couple of people from Potteries Hackspace interested in many of the same talks, especially the one on MQTT.

The talk by LibreOffice was especially interesting to hear how IBM had been financing the war of OpenDocument vs Open Office XML. But sadly since then the specification of the OpenDocument formats has been left untouched for about 8 years until this year with a new standards editor part-paid for by Microsoft of all people!

There was also a very interesting talk by the Open Rights Group regarding how the RTB system used by online advertises violates GDPR. That one is definitely worth looking in to.

All in all it was very good, would go back again.

For more information look at the captions of the photo’s below.