This bit of the page will have some fancy text fields and areas where you write us a quick e-mail.

But if you’re like us you probably hate those anyway, just send an e-mail to and we’ll get back to you very promptly no matter what your query is, big or small.

Mailing Lists

The web page for managing subscriptions to our mailing lists is at…

There are three mailing lists…

  • General (
    General talk about anything you like.
    This is the main successor of any mailing lists prior to StaffsLUG relaunching in 2019. If you’re wanting to talk about upcoming meetings or events then please use one of the other mailing lists, this helps people who aren’t local who may not want to get those e-mails.
    If you just want to join by e-mail then send a message to…

On the mailing list web interface you can also browse the archived mailing lists of (2002 to 2013) and (2005 to 2019). Granted that’s an incredibly odd overlap, but together they show nearly the first 20 years of StaffsLUG history. On the web interface you may need to untick ‘Hide inactive’ to see these.


At some point (when we figure it out) we’ll be configuring Mailman 3 to work with a newsgroup daemon and then you should be able to access the mailing lists via NNTP.


Since the mailing lists are hosted by Mailman 3, there is the excellent HyperKitty web interface which lets users interact with the mailing lists as though it was a web forum.

You can access the system here…

If you’ve already joined a mailing list via e-mail or the Mailman/Postorius interface then using HyperKitty is easy… just create a username and password and provide the same e-mail address as the one you used before and it’ll join them up.

IRC Channel

We’re on two IRC networks, Libera.Chat and OFTC… with the channel #staffslug. The messages are simply bridged between them.
Some kind of web based button will be added here soon so that people new to IRC can get on more easily.


At some point this will…
a) Exist
b) Have a bridge between it and the IRC channel

Discord Channel

The magic link you are looking for is here…
The messages here are bridged to the IRC channels too.