Hopefully anything you might think to ask about StaffsLUG can be found below. If you’re interested in our extensive 20+ year history then head over to our History page.

If you think we’re missing something on this this page or just have a question then please contact us.

When did this all start?

Staffordshire Linux User Group began 2nd March 1999 and was founded by Dave Roberts and Mark Leese.

What is a Linux User Group?

For a proper idea take a look at Wikipedia, but with our LUG it’s probably just easier to get a feel from the welcome on the front of our site. It’s really not any more involved as you might think!

Who runs this project?

Staffordshire Linux User Group has been a project of Function Office since 2016. The currently appointed project leader is LUGMaster Richard Bateman since 2020. The process of choosing a potentially new project leader is carried near the beginning of each year in time for when the LUG enters a new birth year every March. Project leaders require their merits to be recognised and if appointed can then enlist people to help out if required. This is similar to the meritocracy that many free and open source projects are known for, including the Linux kernel itself!

Who were the previous project leaders?

Year(s)Title and Name(s)
1999 – 2006LUGMasters Dave Roberts and Mark Leese
2007 – 2010LUGMaster Dave Roberts
2011LUGMasters Adam Egan and Ben Skan
2012 – 2015LUGMaster Adam Egan
2016 – 2018Caretaker Steven Maddox
2019Co-caretakers Richard Bateman, Mark Sherratt and Steven Maddox
2020LUGMaster Richard Bateman

What was a LUGMaster?

The definition of a LUGMaster is someone who generally runs a LUG single-handedly, and StaffsLUG had this position until 2016 and now again since 2020. Our first LUGMaster was Dave Roberts who co-founded the LUG originally, who then hand picked his successor, as did they, and so on over the years.

Why the relaunch in 2019?

Around 2013 things started to go quiet as people started to move away and little effort was going in to finding new faces and venues. This led to 2014-2018 being a period where the LUG was mostly dormant and only a handful of people keeping the effort alive. In 2016 the LUG became a Function Office project and a quest began to find new faces and what they’d want in a LUG ready for a proper relaunch, which we’re pleased to say is proving to be a success!

What is Function Office?

A locally based non-profit organisation dedicated both to open source/free software advocacy and also helping out with the IT needs of other non-profits. The last LUGMaster completed the final transfer of assets to Function Office in 2016. You can find more information about Function Office on this website.

Where is all the content from previous sites?

We’ve got a copy of the information an older WordPress site had and we’ll be also looking at content even older sites had courtesy of the Wayback Machine. All of this content will find its way back on to this new site (dated roughly to when it was written). There are also some articles which were on a website never published during the more dormant years that will pop up too. If you have any content you think we’ve missed then it’d be great if you can contact us about it.