There will be a nice fancy WordPress thingy installed on this page at some point I’m sure, showing an actual calendar I suspect.

StaffsLUG has essentially relaunched in 2019, so we’re just getting things together still…


For venue and other details see the Workshop section in Events.

We’re aiming for a Tuesday workshop every fortnight but it’s likely only two thirds of them will actually occur due to festive periods and other clashes. You are always best checking this page and subscribing to the meetings mailing list.

Where you see the [Possible] prefix it means we’re either not entirely sure a workshop will even happen or possibly just not sure on the topic.

If the topic states Suggestions welcome! then this means a topic hasn’t yet been proposed. If you’ve a burning desire to see something as a topic that you don’t know much about, or conversely if you want to share what you know on a topic… then let us know via the meetings mailing list.

Tuesday 22nd October 2019 – Topic: Virtual Tabletop Gaming (inc. VASSAL)

  • Introduction to ways tabletop games can be played on a computer.
  • A look at the VASSAL open-source board game engine.
  • Q&A with Darren who develops mods for VASSAL.

[Possible] Tuesday 3rd December 2019 – Topic: Introduction to CAcert

  • An introduction to CAcert from one of their UK volunteers Alex.
  • We’ll also cover SSL in general for anyone unfamiliar.
  • Time for assurances (for free certificates with CAcert, you’ll need this), to participate in this you’ll need to bring some form of ID as mentioned here (e.g. Passport and Driving License).
  • Being joined by up to 7 people already using CAcert who’ll be able to help issue points during the assurance part.

[Possible] Tuesday 17th December 2019 – Topic: Suggestions welcome!

[Possible] Tuesday 14th January 2020 – Topic: Suggestions welcome!

[Possible] Tuesday 28th January 2020 – Topic: Suggestions welcome!


Tuesday 8th October 2019 – Topic: DNS Sinkholes (inc. Pi-hole)

  • Installing and using Pi-hole on both Raspberry Pi hardware and other installs
  • Taking a look at what it blocks and monitors
  • Advantages and disadvantages of DNS-level blocking

Tuesday 24th September 2019 – Topic: 20 years of StaffsLUG and Relaunch

  • Get to know new faces and re-introduce to the concept of a LUG.
  • Look back at early StaffsLUG history with Dave Roberts.
  • Getting feedback for the future.

Prior to Monday 26th August 2019…

Before StaffsLUG relaunched in 2019 there would sometimes be workshops graciously held at the offices of Navaho. At some point we’ll fill out this section with reminders of what those past Workshops were about (likely by looking through the old mailing lists!).


For venue and other details see the Socials section in Events.


Nothing yet, but if you come to the Workshop on Tuesday 24th September 2019 then this is going to be discussed.


Some ideas floating around have included going to the Keele Postgraduate Association which is a short walk from where the Workshop events are held… it’s essentially a pub, but one with a free to use function room upstairs if we get a lot of people.


Often held at a place called ‘The Yard’ which doesn’t exist any more in Stafford. Was usually on the first Monday of the month, something similar could be resurrected.



OggCamp 2019

  • It seems a few StaffsLUG people are going on the Saturday 19th October if you want to join us.
  • Two possible CrossCountry trains which you can get from either Stoke or Stafford…
    1) Stafford (8:28am) -> Stoke (8:44am) -> 2 other stops -> Manchester Piccadilly (9:24am)
    2) Stafford (9:02am) -> Stoke (9:20am) -> 2 other stops -> Manchester Piccadilly (10:00am)
  • A bunch of us will wait at Manchester Piccadilly until 10:10am at the main entrance/exit which exits on to the road “Station Approach” – we’ll make sure at one of us is holding a Tux penguin for ID! It is just a short 9 minute walk from there and we can show you the way.


The only thing we had written here just became planned, check back soon or give us some ideas via the trips mailing list!.


Trips have taken place to places like the The National Museum of Computing at Bletchy Park.

At some point we’ll fill out this section with reminders of where those past trips were (likely by looking through the old mailing lists!).