Workshop on 24/09/2019: 20 years of StaffsLUG and Relaunch

A quick group photo to celebrate the relaunch, not all of us – just those that wanted to brave having their photo taken!

So we’ve decided that from now on we’re going to make a little blog post every time there has been a workshop meeting. It may be that these posts get created before the meeting with useful information that you may need before coming along… and then it’ll get updated afterwards.

The point of these isn’t to be a massively long drawn out recap of everything, but mostly to list out roughly what was covered/discussed and share any images/files (e.g. slides, if there was a presentation) that might be of use to people afterwards.

Basically this is mostly to act a reminder for people who came along, show you what you’re missing if you didn’t make it and generally provide nostalgia much later down the road. If you feel we’ve missed something on these posts just shout out in the comments box below.

Things discussed…

  • How the LUG has worked in the past and what we’d like to see change with a relaunch.
  • The new facilities now available to us courtesy of Function Office and one of their key benefactors Internet Central which is where the room is situated.
  • The numerous ways that can be interacting with each other… Discord / Mailing Lists / Web Forum / IRC… with hopefully XMPP and NNTP coming soon.
  • OggCamp 2019 coming up, we’ll be going on the 19th October!
  • Who is now currently running the LUG as Richard / Steven / Mark are, and that are volunteering the run the newly relaunched LUG.
  • A little talk was given by LUG co-founder Dave Roberts regarding when it all started and the kinds of places/events that the LUG has participated at in the past.
  • Potteries Hackspace being a thing, how they operate and what they do… leaflets available and encouraging people to check them out.
  • The LTSP setup we’ve put in place very quickly for people to use the PC’s.

Ideas raised…

  • Ideas for future workshop meetings included…
    • FreeNAS, OpenMediaVault and similar…
    • Backing up
    • Gaming on Linux
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Virtual Tabletop Gaming
    • Alternative Phablet OS’s
    • OpenWRT and other embedded OS’s
    • CAcert
    • FLOSS CCTV / IPTV controllers
    • Home Automation (in conjunction with Potteries Hackspace)
    • VBS / VBA / Excel macro Alternatives
    • Generally learning JavaScript, Python & Perl
    • Game engine recreations / opened up game engines

These are the rough slides / notes used to give the presentation, in OpenDocument Presentation format…

Whiteboard at the end of the meeting…

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